2019's Project Giveback Recipient: Teen Sharp

Project Give Back

1440 Film Co. has had the incredible privilege of working with some amazing brands, agencies, and non-profits. We’ve seen first hand the impact that a well crafted story can have on an organization. Whether that’s helping raise funds, shining light on an important subject, or connecting emotionally with an audience. The right story can be a catalyst for change.  That’s why, as a way to give back, 1440 Film Co. has set aside a percentage of each project in order to tell one non-profit or worthy cause’s story free of charge.


The hope is that together, with your story, we can make an impact.


Submissions will be accepted until September 25th. The selected organization will be announced on October 16th.


Tell us about your organization. Why does it exist? Who do you serve? What does your organization structure look like? How or why is your organization unique? Why does this story need to be told?

Tell us how something like this could drastically change how you market your organization.

How financially sustainable is your organization? What does your funding model look like? Please provide a financial audit or the past two years profit and loss.

Do you have a marketing team in place? What does the structure look like if so? How would you implement a marketing plan to make use of this video? How would you track ROI? Do you have or could you obtain a budget for media buys?

Do you have any specific examples of how your organization has dramatically changed an INDIVIDUAL's life?


How will the winner be selected?

1440 has assembled a diverse selection committee comprised of individuals with extensive experience in the non-profit sector, philanthropy, finance, healthcare, education, and public service.

How long do we have to submit?

The submission deadline is Sep 25th.

When will the winner be announced?

The selected organization will be announced on October 16th. 

Who's in control of the messaging?

1440 will work closely with the selected organization to develop the story together. That said, 1440 has final control of what shape the story takes. 1440 takes great personal pride in making sure that the messaging and story reflects your organization in the best possible light.

What will the end product look like?

Every story is unique and depending on what we think would best suit your organization or cause, will end up going on screen. This could be an impactful 30-second commercial or an in-depth documentary.

Does my cause or organization have to be based in Delaware?

Yes. Currently we are looking only at causes and organizations based in Delaware.